Complex Power Wheelchairs

KNOW YOUR OPTIONS!  We know that every complex need is different.  Not all complex rehab power chairs fit all individuals needs.  Alliance Rehab is committed to offering a wide variety of complex power wheelchair options, each incorporating specific items and components in order to address your specialized needs.  Whether it be addressing your seating and positioning concerns, alternative drive opportunities, or access and maneuverability in your home and environment, our certified ATPs can help you find the complex power wheelchair that helps you conquer your challenges of daily living.

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A​ssistive Technology Professional (ATP)

Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) The majority of funding sources for Complex Rehab Services, including Medicare, require an ATP be involved in the evaluation and selection process of complex rehab equipment.  Assistive Technology Professionals are individuals certified to match your technology needs and your mobility/environmental goals to the appropriate complex rehab equipment and adaptive devices. Our ATPs will partner with you from the evaluation process through delivery of your complex rehab equipment.  The ATP will work with your Healthcare Professional to assure your specifics needs are matched to the appropriately customized equipment.  They will be available for any of your questions during the funding approval process, individualized fitting during your delivery of equipment, and follow up regarding performance after the delivery.

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